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Kola Bello
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Show Dates

Feb 16
Ruby Goe - YOYOs

Dec 12
Sincere - ESPN

Dec 11 
Wretch 32 - T4 Stars of 2011

Dec 4
Wretch 32 - Jingle Bell Ball

Dec 3
Wretch 32 - Hollyoaks

Dec 2
Wretch 32 - Radio City Live

Dec 1
Wretch 32 - MTV Tips for 2012

Nov 29
Alex Clare - London

Nov 28
Wretch 32 - 1Xtra Live

Nov 24
Alex Clare - Manchester

Nov 23
Alex Clare - Edinburgh

Nov 15
Alex Clare - Tilburg

Nov 14
Alex Clare - Den Haag

Nov 13
Alex Clare - Amsterdam

Nov 11
Wretch 32 Butlins

Nov 8
Wretch 32 - Hollyoaks

Oct 16 - Oct 30
Wretch 32 - Headline UK Tour

My Tweets


Mallorca + Ibiza

Last week I had the pleasure playing Mallorca and Ibiza Rocks with Alex Clare.

Love playing these shows. Great weather, vibey people and awesome vibes.



Olympic Relay Torch Shows with Wretch 32

Fresh off the plane from Berlin I head straight down to Weymouth to join Wretch 32 and the band for their 2nd show of the Relay Torch tour.

Sadly I missed it due to horrendous M4 traffic. Not to worry straight on to the next ones: Bournemouth and Southampton. Which were both a blast! So privileged to be able to perform great music with great friends to great people.

Big thanks to Mike, Eddie and everyone else at the Coca-Cola team.

Say | Act | Live - "Light my flame"



Berlin, Lido with Alex Clare

With the huge success of the single "Too Close" in Germany + Worldwide. The time had come for Alex to play his first headline show in Berlin.

Fantastic! I don't remember much of the show - I'm putting it down to adrenaline - but I do remember ecstatic fans, an elated management team and a content Alex.




Montreux Jazz Festival

Gorgeous city. Beautiful lake. Stunning women. I definitely will be back.

Played at the Montreux Jazz Cafe last night with Alex Clare for the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Although I had to re-program my keyboard patches from scratch during soundcheck. The day went swimmingly and the gig was a bunch of fun.



New Internet Explorer TV commercial featuring Alex Clare

How dope is this?! - Words from: windowsteamblog.com


We recently got to work with some really awesome friends that shared a similar passion towards celebrating the artists who are helping to unleash a more beautiful web. The spot you see above features the work of Keith Rivers, a Seattle-based filmmaker who became part of our team for this project, and Alex Clare, a British singer-songwriter, whose music has been on repeat in our cars and offices for the past two months.

If you want to read more about Alex and his inspiration, click over to the Microsoft News Center where we got a few more details from Alex about his creative process and music. We want to thank our friends Alex and Keith for sharing their passion, vision and work with us over the past few months.